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A collection of recipes, tips and inspiring stories sharing the benefits of green smoothies!



Maybe you’ve heard about green smoothies, but screwed your nose up at the thought of drinking anything with vegies in it, particularly when it’s green!

Or you’ve tried a green smoothie once or twice before, but the taste (or texture) didn’t inspire you to make a habit of it.

You want to add healthy habits into your daily routine, but the last thing you need is one more thing on your overwhelming ‘To-Do’ list. You don’t need another thing that you feel like you have to do (and you’re not even really sure why).

Whether you’re just starting out – and need a whole lot of encouragement and convincing! – or you’re wanting some new recipes and a few tips… Gorgeous Green Smoothies is an ebook filled with inspiration and ideas to make your green smoothie experience an enjoyable one, and something you look forward to each and every day.

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It was fantastic. Loved all the different stories and recipes and how you explained about the detox. I’ve started my smoothie journey and it’s making a difference. Thank you so much for inspiring me and getting me back on track! – Louise


Make every green smoothie ‘gorgeous’!

Here’s just some of what you’ll find in Gorgeous Green Smoothies:

  • Learn how to make delicious green smoothies that you love.
  • Why are green smoothies SO good for you?
  • Inspiring interviews with eight gorgeous green smoothie enthusiasts.
  • 40 recipes including the favourite green smoothie recipes of twenty contributors.
  • Great ideas for enjoying gorgeous green smoothies with kids!
  • Tips for enjoying gorgeous green smoothies on a budget.
  • Tips for losing weight with a gorgeous green smoothie habit.



Sneak peek!



Meet the 8 gorgeous contributors whose interviews you’ll read inside:


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SalesPageFarnoosh  I love the energy, and I love the amazing results on my digestive system. And I love the way I feel after drinking them: happy, full and satisfied.

Farnoosh Brock is the author of several books, including The Healthy Smoothie Bible and The Healthy Juicer’s Bible, as well as founder of her own media and publishing company Prolific Living Inc., speaker, coach, and an expert green juicer. Farnoosh is passionate about showing you how to define your own freedom in your health and your career. Her superpower is to help you either “get promoted or get out of your corporate job”. DottedSpacer open quotes

SalesPageJulieMy first encounter with green smoothies would have to be from the number of enquiries I was getting about the benefits of smoothies over juicing… I experimented and am so glad I did.

  Julie Dargan was a nurse for 20 years before embarking on preventative medicine. Now a Naturopath, BHSc, and Juice Therapist, Julie is the Franchisee of Juice Master Australia. She is passionate about educating people on ways to eat healthy and getting people to take charge of their own lives and not be slaves to medicine. DottedSpacer open quotes

SalesPageRobyn    I love that I can put spinach in almost every smoothie I make and it always tastes yummy. It’s so easy to disguise those great superfoods that I wouldn’t normally get the kids to eat and they happily drink it up.

Robyn de Beer (Mrs D plus 3) is a thirty-something mum of three trying to organise her way through a ‘whirlwind of chaos’. Robyn is also a proud stay at home mum who loves baking, writing stories, outdoor fitness, wine and just chilling with friends and family – when she’s not negotiating her way through toddler tantrums and school homework! DottedSpacer open quotes

SalesPageBrookeAt first I was very skeptical, but after the first try – I was hooked! Now I drink anywhere from 2 to 5 green smoothies a week. Love them!

Brooke McAlary is an author, gardener, mother and inappropriate laugher! Brooke blogs at Slow Your Home, is the author of Destination Simple, and is on a mission to help you find the simpler life you want. DottedSpacer open quotes

SalesPageKristy I love the sweetness mixed with the knowledge that whatever else I eat in the day I’ve already had a big hit of nutrients.

Kristy O’Kane is the creator of nutrition and wellbeing blog A Little Nourishment. Kristy is a nutrition student, mum and wholefood lover who is super keen to help others find small, easy ways to make more nourishing choices. DottedSpacer open quotes

SalesPageSarahEvery one of us has the potential for vibrant health if we are committed to fuelling our bodies with vibrant food. It’s so true, you are what you eat…and drink!

Sarah Prout is a bestselling author, publisher and the founder of SPROUT Magazine – an online hive of inspiration and empowerment for women to create a business and lifestyle they love. DottedSpacer
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SalesPageZoeI start every day with a green smoothie, and now my little cherubs and husband ask for the same. It is a daily ritual for us, and we will never be without it.

Zoe Swain is a raw/vegan gal, and a Certified Raw Food Coach, who is super passionate about helping other women get healthy in every aspect of their lives. Zoe’s progam Raw Skinny (designed with beginner and intermediate raw food/healthy living enthusiasts in mind) is a way for people with little time to get the body and mind they’ve always hoped for, without having to do much more than follow the recipes.


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Once I’m back into the habit of making my morning green smoothies then my energy comes back, my hair and skin glows. and I’m not looking for a chocolate fix to get me through the afternoon.

Lisa Wood lives with her husband David and four of their five boys in a motorhome, which Lisa purchased from eBay and then had to tell David afterwards. Once he worked out how to get the old school bus from NSW to QLD, it was a matter of doing the necessary renovations and then the family moving into their new lifestyle.

Now Lisa and David share their new life on their blog, New Life on the Road, as well as on their YouTube channel (where you can even watch them make green smoothies!!)




Buy Gorgeous Green Smoothies and help make a difference!

I have a BIG goal!! To help raise $10,000 and change the lives of many women whose suffering I can barely begin to imagine.

The plight of women in Ethopia suffering from obstetric fistula is a cause that has touched my heart from the first moment I heard about it. (If you want to know a whole lot more, you can read about this in the ebook , or check out this post over at my blog, The Inspired Notebook.)

PatientPic And so $2 from every copy purchased will be donated to Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia (Australia) to support Dr Catherine Hamlin’s work there at the Addis Ababa hospital. I’m so grateful that through this ebook project I have the opportunity to do something – both in raising awareness of the suffering of these beautiful women, and in helping to raise funds for surgical operations and training of midwives.

Through your purchase of Gorgeous Green Smoothies, you can help me to achieve my very big goal and to really make a difference. Thankyou!!!

PS. If you’d like to become an affiliate and help to spread the word about Gorgeous Green Smoothies, you can find out more here.
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Looks utterly… amazing Brigid!!!! Wowza!!!! This is above and beyond what I was expecting and I’m so proud to be a part of it. – Zoe, Raw Skinny



30 day money-back guarantee

I’m sure you’re going to love Gorgeous Green Smoothies and not have any regrets after buying this ebook! But if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied within the first 30 days, please let me know and I’ll fully refund your purchase.

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