The #1 Reason I Love Drinking Gorgeous Green Smoothies!!

It’s almost six years now since I first discovered green smoothies and swapped my buttered toast breakfast for a morning green smoothie habit.

And I have to tell you: I’ve never looked back.

Sure, I’ve had momentary lapses… Those days, or occasionally entire weeks (there may have even been a month or so along the way there), where life’s gotten in the way, and everything else has been a priority – or has felt like a priority.

But my morning green smoothie habit is one of the best habits that I’ve ever added to my daily routine.

I LOVE it!!!!!!

It’s not just because green smoothies make me feel so much more energetic. Although they do!

It’s not just because a morning green smoothie helps to curb my cravings for sugar, chocolate and other mostly unnecessary snacks. It usually does!

It’s not just because starting my day with a gorgeous green smoothie makes me feel so much more mentally alert and helps to clear the ‘brain fog’. Yay for clearing brain fog!

The #1 reason I love my morning gorgeous green smoothie habit is this:

Drinking a glass or two of a deliciously gorgeous green smoothie every morning helps me get SO much more done each day!

I’m a girl with BIG dreams!! I bet you’ve got big dreams too. (Maybe you’re still trying to figure them out – but you know they’re there!)

Do you have a ‘To-Do’ list as long as your arm?? I know I do.

I have notebooks filled with the blog and biz ideas that have filled my head over the last several years, so many dreams I’d love to make happen.

And then of course, there’s the housework, keeping the kids fed, the grocery shopping, the laundry… (If you’d like to, you can read some of my thoughts on housework and big dreams {and Oprah!} here).

My daily gorgeous green smoothie habit has made the world of difference over these past several years to what I can achieve in a day, and just how much I get to cross of that To-Do list.

Over the past eighteen months as I’ve been working on my Gorgeous Green Smoothies ebook, while dealing at the same time with some huge life changes, I’ve had good days and bad days. I’ve had productive days, not-so-productive days, and I’ve had a few of those ‘the only thing I want to do right now is lay on the couch and watch episode after episode of Revenge’ kind of days!

When my brain is foggy, when I’m tired or overly stressed, when the sugar from the crappy carbs I ate yesterday kicks in… I can start to get a whole lot lethargic.

And then I really struggle to be productive. My dreams seem out of reach. And depression starts to set in…

A gorgeous green smoothie can change all of that. In an instant!

And so I try to drink a big glass or two (or more often, a pretty cup or two!) of my favourite gorgeous green smoothie every morning.

It’s the perfect fuel to keep me moving towards my dreams and goals and plans – and to keep me crossing off those tasks on my never-ending To-Do list!!

What about you?

I’d love to hear what your #1 reason for drinking green smoothies is. (Or your #1 reason for *wanting* to drink gorgeous green smoothies!!)