Hi, I’m Brigid Collier, green smoothie enthusiast and author of the book Gorgeous Green Smoothies.

If you’re even a little bit curious about green smoothies, and about how to make a daily habit of  these green drinks (that, let’s be honest here, don’t always look or sound at all appealing!)…

… you’re in the right place!

Since discovering green smoothies back in December 2008, these delicious green drinks have been a favourite habit of mine and an addition to my daily diet that I absolutely LOVE!!

Starting each morning with a gorgeous green smoothie is one of my favourite things to do, for so many reasons:

  • My daily green smoothie gives me a great boost in energy and vitality
  • Green smoothies help to reduce my cravings for sugar and other junk foods, and help my body to crave healthier meals and snacks
  • Drinking daily green smoothies makes me feel more mentally alert – no more ‘foggy brain’ syndrome!
  • Green smoothies are great for my digestion, and can be a great help for detoxing and losing weight.

As if these weren’t enough great reasons … I also consider green smoothies to be one of my favourite productivity tools! Because drinking a gorgeous green smoothie for breakfast each morning helps me to get SO much more done in a day!!


7 Days of Gorgeous Green SmoothiesGorgeous Green Smoothies - Brigid Collier You can read more about my discovery of green smoothies, and get seven of my gorgeous green smoothie recipes in my free 30-page ebook, 7 Days of Gorgeous Green Smoothies.
And in Gorgeous Green Smoothies, the ebook, you’ll find not just my story but also inspiration from the stories, tips and recipes of many other gorgeous green smoothie enthusiasts.







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