DSHospitalFramedAs a Gorgeous Green Smoothies affiliate you’ll earn 50% affiliate commission when someone buys the ebook through an affiliate link that you’ve shared:

  • on your blog or website
  • through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media
  • in an email to blog subscribers
  • even in an email to family and friends.

So if you love the ebook and want to spread the Gorgeous Green Smoothie message, while earning a bit of income (and helping to raise funds for Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia (Aust) at the same time), I’d love to have you sign up as an affiliate.


Here’s what you need to do:

Firstly, don’t be put off by the technical details (or by the unfortunate fact that the e-Junkie site – which I use to sell the ebook and to keep track of affiliate sales and payments – is so unattractive!!)

Just follow along step by step, and before you know it, you’ll be all set up!




Step 1

If you’re not already registered with e-Junkie, click here to sign up.

Enter your email and password details, and press ‘Submit’.

(Note:  If you already have an e-Junkie account, you’ll find the Gorgeous Green Smoothies ebook here.
Just scroll to the very bottom of the page and click on
‘Click here to join Gorgeous Green Smoothies’ affiliate program’.)



Step 2

e-Junkie will send you an activation code to the email address that you’ve just registered.
Enter that activation code into the form and hit ‘Submit’.

Then complete the ‘Required Profile Settings’ including your Paypal email and your name (or business name if you have one).

(If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can set one up here. You’ll need this in order to receive affiliate payments.)



Step 3

You should arrive at the page below. If not, click on the ‘AFFILIATES’ tab in the main menu bar, and then on ‘affiliate admin’.

Click on ‘Get Affiliate Code’.




Step 4

Make sure that ‘GORGEOUS GREEN SMOOTHIES’ is selected under ‘Select Merchant’, then click on ‘Get Affiliate Code’


Step 5

Copy and paste the code from under ‘GET COMMON AFFILIATE HOP LINK’ to anywhere you’d like to use it on your website, in your emails or email newsletters or in Facebook or Twitter posts. The text in this code, ‘Click here to visit GORGEOUS GREEN SMOOTHIES’ can be changed to any text you might prefer to use.


If you’d like to use an image to link to the Gorgeous Green Smoothies ebook page, there are some banners below that can be used or feel free to create your own. You’ll only need the e-Junkie product URL to link your image to, rather than the entire hopcode. The URL is the bit that I’ve highlighted in the next image.

This URL can also be used in your Twitter, Facebook or other posts. If you need to shorten the code (eg. for Twitter), I recommend using bitly. Just enter the URL up in the top right corner and click on ‘Shorten’ and you’ll be given a code that you can copy and paste into your Twitter or Facebook posts or anywhere else you want to use it.


Thankyou for sharing Gorgeous Green Smoothies with your friends and followers!

I look forward to sending you lovely affiliate payments each month. (Payments will be made between the 10th and 15th of each month, for ebook purchases made in the previous month).

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me here.

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