ThermomixTM5The Thermomix  (aka ‘Thermie’!)


The Thermomix is not so much a blender as it’s an all-in-one kitchen appliance with the potential to replace almost every kitchen appliance that you currently own.

The much-loved ‘Thermie’ can be used to create virtually any dish from breads and dips and other snacks,  to soups,  main meals and desserts including delicious ice creams and sorbets. And smoothies!

Fruit smoothies, milky smoothies… and, of course, gorgeous green smoothies!!

You’ve probably heard friends talking about their amazing Thermie, or maybe seen the buzz on Facebook and other social media. Although they come with a high price tag, these are one of those purchases that offer all kinds of goodness with, from what I’ve heard and seen, little regret!

I don’t have a Thermomix, because I didn’t hear about this amazing machine until a few weeks after I bought my Vitamix. At my friend’s in-home demonstration, where I was first introduced to the Thermie, I was mostly kicking myself.

As much as I adore my Vitamix and have gotten fantastic value from it over the past several years, I LOVE the idea of owning one compact appliance that can be used for not just smoothies, ice creams, dips and chocolate balls, but also delicious hot meals like risotto or chicken with satay sauce. And pizza dough!

If a Thermomix is something you can afford to buy at the moment – or put on your ‘wishlist’ and save up for or write to Santa about – it’s well worth checking out!

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