If you’re looking for the very best blender to make your gorgeous green smoothies, the Vitamix is one of the two most highly recommended blenders for green smoothie enthusiasts! (The other is the Blendtec, which you can check out here).

Although it’s an investment you may need to save up for or put on your wishlist for a while, buying a Vitamix is an investment you’re very unlikely to regret!



I LOVE my Vitamix!! I often use it two, three and sometimes more times in a day. As well as making beautiful green smoothies, the Vitamix can be used to make beautiful hommus and other dips, ‘soft-serve’ mango & banana icecream, fruit purees, nut butters and so many other amazing things.

It was when I bought the Vitamix that my green smoothies got REALLY ‘gorgeous’, because honestly, it makes the smoothest of smoothies you can imagine!!

Read more about the current Vitamix models

Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre

Vitamix Professional Series 500


Where to buy the Vitamix online

Raw Blend (AUS)

Your Home Depot (AUS)

Amazon (US)

Amazon (UK)

If the Vitamix and Blendtec are out of your price range (for now!), you might want to check out the Optimum blenders, the Bio Chef Blender or the Nutri Bullet.