Gorgeous Green Smoothies - Brigid Collier


Welcome! I’m so glad you found your way to this space.

It’s where I look forward to sharing gorgeous green smoothie recipes, tips, and inspiration, from myself and other green smoothie enthusiasts, to encourage and support you in creating a green smoothie habit in your life.

But first, before the many blog posts I want to share with you… my ebook!!

I have to admit that I’ve been doing things a little bit backwards over the past eighteen months. While so many bloggers write their blogs for years and then create an ebook to share with their readers, I didn’t do that. Instead, this all started with my idea for an ebook.

For the past eighteen months I’ve been working on putting the ebook, Gorgeous Green Smoothies, together, collecting stories and recipes from gorgeous contributors, finalizing text and images, procrastinating, allowing my inner perfectionist to get the better of me. Often!!

And the inspiration for the ebook? Where did that come from, if it didn’t grow from a green smoothies blog?

Inspiration is a funny thing! It tends to just creep up on you in my experience. And suddenly a little spark of an idea… grows!!

My ebook idea grew from what was first a blog post idea, over at my blog The Inspired Notebook, where I’ve been writing (not as often as I’d like) since the beginning of 2011.

With so many people finding their way through Google to this green smoothie post, and seeing so many other bloggers and online entrepreneurs sharing their own green smoothie stories and recipes, I imagined gathering the favourite recipes of other bloggers and sharing them in one epic blog post…

But then one day, my epic post idea became an ‘ebook idea’ (that’s a story for another time though), and so here we are!

Just days away from making the ebook available, and I’m excited about the next step of this incredible journey, which is to create this space where all of the inspiration, the recipes, the tips and ideas, the stories and the encouragement can continue…

Discovering green smoothies, and adding a morning green smoothie habit to my daily ‘routine’ is one of the best things I’ve ever done. 

I’m excited to share that with you and hopefully inspire your green smoothie story!!!